“Before I saw David my doctor thought I may need to try an inhaler for what he called “exercise induced asthma” on my long runs. It always hit me within the first 5 or 6 km that I would feel really tight through the chest, found it hard to breathe and would start coughing up stuff. It took only two sessions with David to get results; he taught me how to breathe properly at rest and when running, and showed me stretches and strenghteners for the chest, ribcage and lungs. Thanks to him I now breathe freely when I run, I feel more relaxed, and all my record times have now been beaten!”

Mandy Esch
Edson, Alberta

Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy

Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy (BBVIT) is for people facing difficult life changes, dealing with stress (either chronic, acute or episodic), asthma and related auto-immune system challenges, vocal issues and difficulties with expressing yourself, sleep disorders, or if you are simply wishing to learn more about who you are. These are individual sessions with Mr. Wilson.


What is BBVIT?

BBVIT is a unique and sophisticated wholistic therapy that incorporates yoga, breath therapy, cognitive behavioral elements, vocal entrainment and cellular-memory work. Self-awareness practices and sensory integration leads to the recognition of your compulsive patterns, so that you may learn how to “get out of our own way”. This method is designed to free you from harmful mental, physical or emotional patterns that hinder you from functioning to the best of your ability. This allows healthier, more natural patterns of thinking, moving, breathing, and expression to assert themselves.

All that we experience in our lives affects our bodies and psyches. Through our personal adventures we adopt patterns of physical and psychological behavior that may have been necessary to assure biological survival or social comfort in the past. When we feel anxious, our bodies tighten; when bad things happen to us, or we are subjected to violence in the media, our bodies harbour feelings of caution and fear. This is the nervous system’s natural response to threatening situations and is healthy; these responses help us feel safe. However, if we continue to exhibit these reactions long after the threat (perceived or real) has passed, we begin to react to current (safe) situations as if we are we are still being threatened. When the compensation continues past the need, there is a problem; past issues begin to pull us out of the present moment. Left unchecked, these “red-alert” warning patterns will become deeply embedded in our nervous systems, and lead to dysfunctional behavior.

In BBVIT, permanent, somatic change is found through a re-integration of the body, breath and voice. During the process of reconnecting these three modalities into a healthy, balanced assemblage, the challenges or past traumas will surface, allowing you to first recognize them, then understand them, and, if you are ready, face them and let them go.

One-hour appointments for Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy are available from 9:00am - 5:00pm weekdays.



“All I have ever wanted to do was sing. As I am over 60 years of age, and could not match pitch; I was told by one teacher to “take up knitting”. I have also been suffering from panic attacks. Together, Mr. Wilson and I discovered that I was not tone-deaf after all, but that I had learned to shut off my ears and reverse my breathing (tightening my abdominal muscles inward during inhaling) due to emotional abuse I suffered as a child. Mr. Wilson led me through a process that helped me move past these troubles, joyfully, and safely. My panic attacks are now a thing of the past, I can breath powerfully and match pitch, and recently I passed my Grade 3 Toronto Conservatory Exam.”

Calgary, Alberta