“David makes you go away
feeling better about music,
the world and yourself.”

Martini Recorder Quintet



David Wilson conducts the
Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players,
40th Anniversary Concert, 2010
Sicut cervus
- G.P. da Palestrina


Commercial Recordings

The Spirit of Musick  

Never the Same River Twice

Sample Tracks:

Kyrie - Felix Mendelssohn

Geistliches Lied - Johannes Brahms

Lay a Garland - Robert Pearsall

Credo - Urmas Sisask

Witness - Jack Halloran


Crossing Bridges   1998) SPIRITUS CD
Crossing Bridges

Sample Tracks:

Kua Rongo - arr. David Wilson

Kyrie - Tomas Luis da Victoria (Requiem, 1605)

Os Justi - Anton Bruckner

Great Gettn' Up Mornin' - arr. Hairston

Wearin' of the Green - arr. Parker


The Spirit of Musick  

1995) C.R.S.P. 25th Anniversary CD
The Spirit of Musick

Sample Tracks:

Pastime with Good Company - Henry VIII

Il bianco e dolce cigno - Jacobus Arcadelt

Il est bel et bon - Pierre Passereau

Landlord fill the flowing bowl - Anon.