David's vocal workshops are unlike any other. You will learn his groundbreaking discoveries on the unwanted effects life-based physical tensions have on your respiratory system, support system and therefore vocal production. His innovative and revolutionary process reversing these tensions, uncovering a more free, powerful, resonant voice. His integration of Bel Canto singing techniques, restorative yoga, movement entrainment, functional core support system work and breath therapy make his workshops an unforgettable experience. The Wilson Method for Voice is for all singers, from beginner to professional.


Singers will find they have greater range, more power, greater ease, improved resonance, and a increased sense of joy in their singing, that will surprise vocalists of all levels.
Vocal Workshop History
2019) University of Calgary Vocal Program, Calgary, Alberta
2019) Foote Theatre School, Edmonton Alberta
2018) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta
2018) Concordia University Voice Area, Edmonton, Alberta
2017) Grande Prairie College, Grande Prairie, Alberta
2017) Concordia University Voice Area, Edmonton, Alberta
2017) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta
2016) Concordia University Voice Area, Edmonton, Alberta
2016) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta
2015) Concordia University Voice Area, Edmonton, Alberta
2015) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta
2015) Lethbridge University Voice Area, Lethbridge, Alberta
2014) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta

2014) Concordia University Voice Area, Edmonton, Alberta
2013) University of Victory Vocal Studio, Victoria, British Columbia
2013) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta
2012) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta

2011) Mount Royal University Academy Vocal Program, Calgary, Alberta
2011) Cowtown Opera Summer Academy, Calgary, Alberta

2011) Ambrose University College, Calgary, Alberta

2010) Medicine Hat Vocal Studio (Ralph Browne), Medicine Hat Alberta

2010) Ralph Browne Vocal Studio, Medicine Hat, Alberta

2010) Edson Fall Festival, Edson, Alberta

2008) Opera Nuova Summer Program, Edmonton, Alberta

2008) SPEBSQSA National Conference: Saskatoon. Saskatchewan

2007) Alberta College Gilbert & Sullivan Retreat, Edmonton, Alberta
2006) University of Manitoba Vocal Program, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2004) Alberta College Vocal Program, Edmonton, Alberta
2000) University of Calgary General Studies Dept: Acoustic Ecology 301




“Edmonton Musical Theatre has had the great pleasure of working with Mr. David Wilson since 2010. Both in a group setting and on an individual level, his musical ear and abilities are so fine-tuned that he can decipher a vocal challenge in the student’s voice, proceed with a certain exercise, and offer a precise suggestion in an understandable manner that the student can incorporate. It is inspirational to watch the students transform though challenges in a very short amount. Both the students and the staff members at Edmonton Musical Theatre have the utmost respect for Mr. Wilson. The students consistently praise the experiences they have encountered with David. His dedication to the students fosters an atmosphere where the individual is honored, challenged, and encouraged along their musical theatre journey. As an artistic team member, David, supports his peers and brings a grounded joy to our work. His theatre instincts go above and beyond the vocal techniques that he can share. It is a rare skill set for an instructor to have all of the tools to facilitate a musical theatre performance, but David does indeed possess this skill set that he shares openly with enthusiasm. He has become a most valuable member of our instructional team at our organization. His experience, talents, and successful results continue to exceed our expectations. The wonderful, positive ripple effect that David creates in touching the lives of those students studying with him is why we are so grateful that he graces our organization and brings it to a higher standard.”

Steffni Ault, General Manager & Choreographer, Edmonton Musical Theatre


“I believe David Wilson to be one of the most influential breath, body and voice pedagogues in our country. Having studied throughout North America and Europe, I have never come across anyone as dynamic in both wisdom and skill. His approachable and warm personality paired with his extensive knowledge lends itself to every singer from beginner to professional. He has a contagious passion for unlocking your greatest potential and does so with vibrant enthusiasm. If you are able to have a session with this man I guarantee it will change you from the inside out no matter what your goals may be.”

Michelle Minke
Cowtown Opera: Artistic Director. Opera Singer,
Voice Teacher Dip. Mus.,
B.Mus, PG Dip.Opera,
M.Mus.Vocal Ped.


“Being recently introduced to the practice of yoga as a key component of vocal technique and training was an eye-opening experience for me.
I look forward to further exploring David’s pedagogical approach, where he promotes the discovery of greater freedom of the body and the breath in order to achieve increased vocal awareness, expression, flexibility and power.”

Catherine Abele
B.Mus., M.M., D.M.A.
Instructor of Voice, Vocal Pedagogy and Lyric Diction
University of Alberta, Department of Music