David offers ten-week Monday evening Yoga Classes from Sept to Dec, Jan to March, and April to June.
Westridge Wolf Willow Community Centre.
505 Wolf Willow Road, Edmonton AB
$200.00 (gst incl.) for the Ten-Week Session
This is a Hatha yoga course, focussing on increasing energy, postural alignment, breathing, tension release, and vocal health.  All ages and experience welcome. 

$200.00 for the ten-week series.

Mailing address for payment:
David Wilson
44 Westridge Rd NW
Edm AB   T5T 1B4

Questions? Email or call me!
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David focuses on conscious, moment-to-moment awareness and somatic breathing during the postures, to build focus, energy, and good health. He facilitates the awareness needed to release stress stored in the body, breath and mind. As a musician, conductor, and singer, David’s classes focus on the breath’s ability to intensify the poses, enhancing both core strength and inner tranquility. His classes explore an integrated approach to somatic wellness involving Hatha Yoga, meditation, voice, the balance of yin and yang energies, chakra work, embodying the pose, emotional release, natural breath techniques, and the luxurious joy of stretching freely.


"For a better part of the year just prior to my first 10 week hatha yoga session with David, I was experiencing plantar fasciitis in both of my feet.  I had received medical treatment and learned the value of highly supportive footwear, but I never experienced full relief from the pain.  Beginning yoga with David and trusting his knowledge, instruction, process and care was the best thing I could have done to help heal my feet!  I am happy to report that the plantar fasciitis has never returned.  I have been able to take some what I have learned in David’s classes and integrate it into my health regimen.  I continue to be a student of David’s.  The presence he brings into his classes is helpful for not only my body, but for my mind and spirit as well."
Elizabeth S (happy on-going yoga student)