“David Wilson's work is unlike anything I have yet encountered. As singers, we spend so much time working on the vocal mechanism, that we often forget the integral role the body plays in healthy vocal production. David's approach is a full-body approach. This angle, especially when applied to the breath, completely changes the world in which you create your sound. Suddenly you are no longer attempting to put your voice in a box, so you are able to finally produce the sounds that you aspire to. The yoga is fantastic, the breath work is freeing, the voice is powerful, and the result wonderful. His work is helpful for singers at every level, regardless of age or experience. David's method for teaching voice allows you to free the artist within, releasing your true voice and your true expression.”

Chris Enns
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Being recently introduced to the practice of yoga as a key component of vocal technique and training was an eye-opening experience for me.
I look forward to further exploring David’s pedagogical approach, where he promotes the discovery of greater freedom of the body and the breath in order to achieve increased vocal awareness, expression, flexibility and power.”

Catherine Abele
B.Mus., M.M.,
D.M.A. in progress
Instructor of Voice, Vocal Pedagogy and Lyric Diction
University of Alberta, Department of Music


Explore the joy of your open, resonant, body-centered sound!

“I have spent years working on all aspects of my vocal technique, and there certainly have been “aha!” moments dealing with placement, resonance, passaggio, etc. However, it was David's in-depth and informed approach to breath control that was an epiphany for me. He opened my eyes to what I have or have not been using; from the clenched rectus abdominus that we erroneously think we should use—and that inhibits our true potential—to the realization of exactly where our lungs are located and how little we often use them. One hour concentrating just on breathing and its connection to my voice was a revelation; I highly recommend his work.”

Edith Pritchard
Mus.Dip, PPRNCM, MMus. Calgary 2012 Cultural Ambassador


Professional Vocal Instruction
in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

David Wilson is rapidly becoming recognized across Canada as a leading authority on breathing, support, posture, full-body singing, speech pathology and respiratory health. Mr. Wilson has been singing for over 35 years as a chorister and soloist. His 15-year experience as a Certified Yoga instructor and Respiratory Therapist gives Mr. Wilson unique tools in helping singers and actors find their free and natural voices. In his vocal instruction, Mr. Wilson works toward a somatic understanding of the connection between body, mind and voice, moving toward a healthy speaking and singing technique. His teaching style includes the exploration of the ergonomics of physical movement, breathing, and one’s internal dialogue, with a goal towards accessing one’s fully-embodied, powerful voice. This, in turn, leads to the singer’s ability to discover one’s full expressive potential.

One-hour Voice Lessons are offered from 9:00am - 5:00pm weekdays.


Three Steps to your BIG VOICE:

1. Free the Breath
Release habitual stress through stretching and relaxing muscles that can, when out of balance, hinder proper vocal technique. Learn to breathe naturally and develop somatic awareness, facilitating power and freedom of creativity.

2. Free the Voice
Find your unique voice by stimulating the proper muscle groups and learn to build vocal stamina that is based on core strength and ease of breath. This creates a balance where the breath, body and voice work together efficiently and effectively.

3. Learn the Music
Having absorbed Steps 1 and 2, shaping vowels along with refining diction and language comes naturally. The internal structure and musicality of the song is found through learning to listen. Your true voice may now be heard with clarity, confidence and joy.

There is much to learn about the Art of Singing: pronunciation, diction, posture, vocal technique, stage presence, to name a few. However for many of us, the basic ability to sing is often about deconstruction; learning to discard the tension-filled muscle-memory and to refrain from working too hard. On the most basic level, singing is about getting out of our own way. This matters because it reminds us that the vocal technique we are attempting to build and the feelings we are trying to express are already inside us.


“The different breathing exercises used by David were exactly what I needed to move forward in my singing. I was able to really use my breath and discovered how much more powerful my voice could be, and how effortless it was at the same time! It unlocked my lower AND my upper register, and allowed me to simply become one with the music...”

Marie-Josée Goyette, mezzo-soprano
Montréal, Quebec


Cowtown Opera, Calgary Alberta 2012:

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