“I believe David Wilson to be one of the most influential breath, body and voice pedagogues in our country. Having studied throughout North America and Europe, I have never come across anyone as dynamic in both wisdom and skill. His approachable and warm personality paired with his extensive knowledge lends itself to every singer from beginner to professional. He has a contagious passion for unlocking your greatest potential and does so with vibrant enthusiasm. If you are able to have a session with this man I guarantee it will change you from the inside out no matter what your goals may be.”

Michelle Minke
Cowtown Opera: Artistic Director. Opera Singer,
Voice Teacher Dip. Mus.,
B.Mus, PG Dip.Opera,
M.Mus.Vocal Ped.

Voice, Yoga and Breath Instruction

David Wilson (B.Mus, M.Mus) is a Singer, Conductor, Professional Voice Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor and Breath Therapist living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In addition to conducting choir, orchestra and musical theatre, he teaches voice in both Edmonton and Calgary. David is the founder of Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy, Office Yoga, and Yoga for Breath & Voice; he leads over thirty workshops a year throughout Western Canada on the use of voice, breathing and yoga to develop vocal and personal confidence, as well as physical and mental health.


Services Offered

Private Studio:

Vocal Lessons—Classical, Musical Theater, and Pop. Focus is on finding the student’s natural, true, free voice.

Body, Breath & Voice Integrative Therapy—BBVIT is a unique and sophisticated wholistic therapy that incorporates restorative yoga, breath therapy, cognitive behavioral elements, metaphorical movement, vocal entrainment, cellular-memory work and performance coaching. Allows healthy, natural patterns of thinking, moving, breathing and expression to assert themselves. Has been found to be helpful for: asthma, sinus troubles, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, mild depression, chronic pain, acid reflux, stagefright, chronic coughing, snoring, vocal impairments, creativity issues and challenges with confidence.



Pedagogy for Voice—Created for University and College vocal departments, as well as professional voice studios. Topics include "Singing with Freedom & Power", "The Valsalva Maneuver and the Singer", "Psychology of Phonation", and "Yoga for the Voice". Powerpoint presentations available upon request.

Complete Vocal Technique for Choirs—Designed to assist singers in singing to the best of their ability. David combines physical and vocal warm-ups with free breathing and internal awareness exercises. For choirs of all abilities; youth to adult, beginner to professional calibre.

Breathing for Better Health—Breathing for relieving stress and decreasing pain, while increasing energy, stamina and mood.

Your Big Voice—Public Speaking, Empowerment and Confidence

Vocal Technique for Actors—Relieving physical, mental and vocal tension, then preparing the voice for speaking, the body for moving, and the mind for focussing, while encouraging creativity and communication.

Yoga for Instrumental Musicians—Procedures for combating repetitive stress syndrome, and assisting with seated posture and support. Yoga series designed specifically for wind and brass players, string players, and pianists.

Hatha Yoga with David Wilson—Specializing in Sonic Yoga, Pranayama, Inverts and Backbends, Restorative Yoga for Backs, and Partner Yoga.

Conducting Techniques for Choirs—Listening skills, body awareness, leading through word and gesture, how to practice, breathing and grounding techniques.



Office Yoga—a 50-minute interactive presentation on simple stretches designed specially for the office environment; decreases stress, muscle pain and exhaustion, while increasing energy, concentration, productivity and mood.